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Who we are

Our company is the leading security providing company in our region with over three hundred branches across the country and remote services abroad. Whether you require safety management of your commercial property, vacant building, residential property or assets and large groups of people, our security officers provide a wide range of security services and guarding systems. The arrangements we set with our clients vary significantly, and each is suited according to the specific needs of each client, but generally speaking, our company provides security officers, all the equipment, and technology required for protection of your commercial or residential property. Our widely spread network is based upon locally organized powerful branches and remote services. Our security officers, technicians, and other stuff is highly trained, experienced, responsible and dedicated to providing the highest quality of protection service. Join the large group of our regular and satisfied clients who trust their property to us for a good reason.

Home Security

Our Services

Mobile Security

Mobile guarding

There are well – trained groups of security officers in our company working as the mobile security guard patrols. Driving specifically marked vehicles, our mobile patrols monitor and safe-guard property and premises of our clients and respond immediately to alarms and emergencies. Mobile patrol, also, includes routine patrol inspection and employee escort.

Integrated security

Integrated security is a specific combination of our services that provides clients with comprehensive and advanced safety management. It includes on-site guarding in person by our officers, remote security service via various safety technology monitoring and mobile guarding via patrol inspection. This type of security service is perfect for big companies requiring safety management of property and stuff in various manners, on several different levels.

Integrated Security
Security Management

Incident response and safety management in crises

Our company employs several teams of highly trained and educated experts and officers reliable to provide various emergency response services and rescue operations. This includes intervention regarding fire, medical emergencies, hazardous materials situations and many more. Most of these services we provide on our own, but when quite a specific sort of intervention is required, we rely on our associated companies and organization of experts.


Why Choose Us

There are many companies and teams out there on the market providing similar security and guarding services that resemble one to another, due to offering pretty much the same assortment of services. Our company stands our significantly and here are some main reasons to choose us as your property guards.

Our company possesses the latest powerful equipment designed for high-tech security services, including electronic guarding and remote security. This enables us to provide effective, organised and responsive security services to all of our clients. We partner with Access Security Products, who ensure that we are able to pass on the latest developments in security products to our clients. Through this provider, we stock products to provide all forms of security – from access control, surveillance, fire safety equipment and more. This way, we can be sure that our clients are getting the best protection that we can offer, every time.

Comprehensive services and arrangements

We go beyond a typical assortment of property security services. Adjusting our services according to the common and specific needs of our clients, we’ve created a wider range of arrangements and service combination you can choose from.

Highly trained and educated stuff

All of our employees are highly trained, educated, experienced and above all responsible and dedicated officers and technicians. All of them are giving their best into each task and trying hard to provide the highest quality of property security services.

The latest technology and equipment

Our company possesses the latest powerful equipment designed for high-tech security services, including electronic guarding and remote security. This enables us to provide precise, accurate and punctuate security services.

Strong network and connections

With several hundreds of branches scattered across the country, we are capable of providing a wide range of superb security services by relying on our strong network. Our branches, also, have regular connections with various other companies and organizations that support our services with additional services.

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